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What is Freadom Live?

Expert-Led Online English Classes.

Designed to go leaps beyond rigid textbook learning, Freadom Live has enabled thousands of children to become confident speakers, creative writers and independent readers.

Since 2009.

We started teaching English as a life-skill in 2009. Much before the pandemic. Before Jio, UPI, Ola, Swiggy. Before WhatsApp, iPad, Amazon India.

Guaranteed Academic Growth
45-min sessions
Safe and fun environment
Personalised attention
Mentorship under Experts
Trained facilitators from top institutes
Multi-cultural experience
Content based on a decade of experience
More cost-effective than tuitions

Parents Know Best!

Bonus: The Freadom App

Good Screen-time.

Along with the live classes, comes the Freadom app. It has been built to nurture your child’s will and skill to read. There are thousands of stories, daily positive news, and activities aimed at positive screen-time use.

Download App

Stanford University Collaboration.

The app uses technology that we have built in collaboration with the Stanford University Human Centric lab for providing learning via a mobile app.

Thousands of stories
Positive daily buzz
Skill-based activities
Badges and points
Fun reading challenges

Plans and Prices

What Do You Get?

The Freadom Live classes are 1:7 group classes - 1 teacher and 7 children. The teacher uses the Freadom curriculum to nurture confident speakers, creative writers and independent readers.

Freadom Live comes in plans of 60, 90 and 120 classes. Each class is unique, just like your child. In addition, you also get:

  • Freadom App access
  • Skill based project
  • Special guest classes
  • World class books (physical)
  • Parent Teacher Meetings
  • Apex Projects
  • Certificate (Carnegie Speech Fluency)

What is the Cost?

Just as every child is unique, so is every plan. Once you and your child have experienced the trial class, our academic consultant will reach out to you and explain the costs. As a benchmark, our class plans start at ₹333 per class and go down from there.

Upgrade to 1:1

While Freadom Live classes are group 1:7 classes, we also offer dedicated 1:1 class. We call it Freadom One.

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