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Why it Works?

Honing more than just speaking skills

This is a complete language immersion with equal emphasis on Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and Grammar (LSRW+).

A global programme for young learners

This age-appropriate programme is created by experienced English specialists from Harvard and Stanford and is focused on the educational and psychological needs of kids 5-12 years old.

Designed by the best, delivered by the best

Our curriculum is backed with 10 years of rigorous research in schools and classrooms across the country. All our teachers are English language experts, trained in online teaching.

Focussed attention, faster results

Is your child's presence going unnoticed in the classroom? Our programme is designed to ensure that your child is at the centre of attention to yield better academic results.

Regular practice makes perfect!

Each session is action packed with activities like storytelling, debate and role play that are designed to take students beyond rote learning and set them up for all-round success.

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Our Expert Teachers

Roopa Dhawan
26+ years of teaching experience
Education: B.Ed and M.A. in English
Specialization: Pedagogy and Language Specialist
Languages: Hindi, Kannada
After 16 years in the corporate world, teaching struck Roopa like a bolt of lightning. She has spent over 20 years specializing in early, higher and college level education. She even served as a principal for almost a decade and has been a freelance trainer and educator since 2014.
Dr. Sapna Agrawal
22+ years of teaching experience
Education: Masters in Chemistry, Professional doctorate
Specialization: English, Pedagogy and Child Psychology
Languages: Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati
Dr. Sapna is a veteran facilitator with qualitative experience of more than 22 years in knowledge management, early education, training and development, and child psychology. She displays patience and articulation in her classes to create a connection with her students that makes them feel safe which helps improve overall learning outcomes.
Felicita D'souza
5+ years of teaching experience
Education: IATA from Montreal, Canada
Specialization: Gamification
Languages: Hindi, Kannada, Konkani and Tamil
Felicita is known for her engaging classes and is particularly good with gauging the specific learning needs of every child and giving parents a detailed understanding of their child’s progress. She loves teaching children through fun and play and has successfully handled overall functioning of preschool.

Nandini Sharma
1+ years English, 13+ years personality development
Education: TCCP (English teaching certification) from TESOL (USA), MMS in Finance.
Specialization: Personality Development, Mindfulness Yoga
Languages: Hindi, Malayalam and passable Marathi and Tamil
Nandini comes with a vast experience of working with children and teens since 2007 as a personality development trainer. Her passion for teaching English began after completing a successful stint with Toastmasters and completing the required teaching certification. She aims to make learning self-motivated and fun in the arena of English language teaching.
Preeti Anand
2+ years of teaching experience
Education: M.A. and B.Ed.
Specialization: Majored in Classical Dyslexia
Languages: English, Hindi
Preeti has been tutoring children aged 3 to 10 for over 2 years now. She can adeptly make sure every child in her class is given the attention they need. She has excellent communication skills and helps children realise their strengths by talking to them.

She has the ability to make students visualise and explore their potential. Her classes are exciting and energy packed!
Swaruti Tamang
3+ years of teaching experience
Education: Master’s Degree in Psychology, Diploma in Child Psychology
Specialization: Pediatrics and Mindful Compassion-Based Therapy
Languages: Marathi, Hindi & Sindhi
Swaruti has worked with children of different age groups with a focus on specific behavioral and academic concerns mainly through play therapy. She strives to connect classroom experiences to the lives of her students and encourages them to see English learning as an ongoing process.

She is currently pursuing her PhD in Positive Psychology.
Gulzar Pattherwala
3+ years of teaching experience
Education: PGD in Early Childhood Development, Diploma in Counselling and CBT for depression.
Specialization: Early childhood development and learning
Languages: Gujarati, Hindi and Konkani
Gulzar is adept at teaching early learners and her classes are always interactive and engaging. Her specialization in early childhood education allows her focus on discerning learning needs of her students to help them improve their learning outcomes.

Gulzar has set up her own pre-school and mother-toddler program.
Vasudha Makhija
1+ years of teaching experience
Education: Master’s degree in Geography, B.Ed
Specialization: English language
Languages: English, Hindi and Punjabi
Vasudha teaches English to children of varied age groups. She implements her teaching strategies keeping her students in mind. She constantly works to enhance her pedagogy.

She is flexible and aims to make learning a delightful experience for herself and her students. She aspires to pursue a Master's in English.
Priyakshi Gupta
1+ years of teaching experience
Education: M.A. English, B.Ed
Specialization: English language
Languages: Bengali and Hindi
Priyakshi has experience working with students of ages 8-14. She focuses on holistic learning. She is instrumental in honing the students’ skills with her meticulous and interactive methodology.

She believes in helping each child reach their full potential and making them the best versions of themselves.
Adriana Nigrel
1+ years of teaching experience
Education: B.A in English Literature and Political Science
Specialization: Currently pursuing MA in Education
Languages: Hindi, a little bit of Marathi and French
Learning any language can seem boring until you add a bit of love, a whole lot of patience,  a lot of games and activities with fun. Adriana’s classes are extremely engaging because she takes care to add all of the above in her pedagogy and that’s why her students love her.
She believes in helping each child reach their full potential and making them the best versions of themselves.
Fouzia Jamshid
4+ years of teaching experience
Education: M.Sc (Wild-Life Biology); B.Ed (Natural Science)
Specialization: Zoology, Biology and English Teaching
Languages: Hindi, Malayalam and Arabic.
Fouzia is known for her friendly and instinctive teaching methods. She’s a voracious reader and writer and is known for captivating students with her storytelling skills. She has had experience teaching multiple subjects over the years including biology, Hindi and mathematics.

She has also worked with non-profit organisations on a voluntary basis to develop and facilitate reading programs for Primary and Secondary school children.
Deepika Bakshi
7+ years of teaching experience
Education: MBA
Specialization: Storytelling and Creative Writing
Languages: Hindi and Spoken Punjabi
Deepika is a business communication specialist with over 7 years of experience in the education and corporate sectors. As a natural storyteller, Deepika loves interacting with children in unique and loving ways to develop their English fluency and writing skills.

With Freadom, she has also started writing and illustrating her own short stories for kids.

Here's what you get!

Flexible Timing

Choose a slot that aligns with your work schedule, when your child is at their productive best.

Bilingual Expert Teachers

Our bilingual teachers are committed to make young learners feel comfortable and motivated as they pick up English as their second language.

Track Progress

Track your child’s learning and performance with our Rubric Report after every 15 classes.

Liberty to choose a teacher

Select highly skilled teachers from any part of the country who can work best with your child.

Freadom Premium Support

Get faster responses and personalized help on all your questions from a dedicated support manager.

Access to Freadom Reading App

Avail a free, quarterly subscription to our learning app with more than 18K minutes of content for good screen time.

Our Plans

Confident Speaker
60 sessions
Skill based projects: 2
Track progress: FAST™ reading assessment
Apex project: Publish blog

Trial Class is ₹99 adjusted
against product price

All Rounder
120 sessions
Skill based projects: 2
Track progress: FAST™ reading assessment
Apex Project: Publish your book, 10 day Internship, Publish Blog

Trial Class is ₹99 adjusted
against product price

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My daughter Anya* who is in grade 1 had a pet show in school. She prepared for it on her own, writing and practicing the entire talk of 10 sentences by herself. Her school teacher was very much appreciative of the content, flow and presentation of her topic. The talk was of another level itself!  Thanks to Freadom Live classes and the teacher for building her confidence!​

- Anya's Mother