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What is Freadom One?

1:1 focus for 10/10 results

The Freadom One Curriculum goes beyond rigid textbook learning. With complete focus on 1 child, it enables the child to blossom into a confident speaker, a creative writer and an independent reader.

We also offer a 1:7 group English class where the teacher balances individual focus and peer interaction.

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Since 2009.

We started teaching English as a life-skill in 2009. Before COVID. Before Jio, UPI, Ola, Swiggy, WhatsApp.

Pick your time-slot
Progress report after every 15 classes
Dedicated Support Manager
Bilingual teacher - speaks native + English
Option to change teacher
Access to the Freadom Reading App

Why it Works?

All Skills

There is complete language immersion with emphasis on Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and Grammar (LSRW+).

Global programme

Freadom One is created by English specialists from Harvard and Stanford, available in 10 countries across the world.

Only the Best

Our curriculum is backed by 12 years of research in schools across the country. Our teachers are expert online English language trainers.

Focus, focus

With Freadom One, your child is at the centre of the teacher's attention. No sharing. No waiting for turns. No compromise.

Activity based

Each session is packed with activities like storytelling, debate and role play. Students have fun and learn at the same time.

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Visible improvement

Thank you for helping my daughter to improve her learning, writing, speaking ability, and confidence level... ✨️ ️ All classes are amazing, effective & very useful also....🎶


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Prompt service

I have had a good experience with Freadom Live classes and the app. The facilitators are very helpful, and customer care is prompt. I love the application design and it's ease to use.


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Phenomenal Learning

A phenomenal learning tool.
This is a much recommended app if you’d really like to groom and engage your kids. It’s user friendly and provides a wide range of activities for your little ones.

Jay Vardhan

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My kid loves it

My kid is really enjoying the classes. Classes always start with games - he enjoys that the most. The teacher teaches them in fun way. My son eagerly waits for the class to join.


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Bonus: The Freadom App

Good Screen-time.

Along with the live classes, comes the Freadom app. It has been built to nurture your child’s will and skill to read. There are thousands of stories, daily positive news, and activities aimed at positive screen-time use.

Download App

Stanford University Collaboration.

The app uses technology that we have built in collaboration with the Stanford University Human Centric lab for providing learning via a mobile app.

Thousands of stories
Positive daily buzz
Skill-based activities
Badges and points
Fun reading challenges

Plans and Prices

Confident Speaker
60 sessions
Total classes: 60
Special guest classes: 4
Skill projects: 1
Including blog publish
Skills Acquired
Confident communication
Critical and creative thinking
Your child will steal the show with their confident public speaking and creative thinking skills.
Demo Class costs ₹99 which is
adjusted against final price

Superb Storyteller
90 sessions
Total classes: 90
Special guest classes: 6
Skill projects: 3
Including book publish
Skills Acquired
Critical and creative thinking
Reading and Writing Comprehension
You will be hooked to the stories your child is telling you, with confidence.
Demo Class costs ₹99 which is
adjusted against final price

All Rounder
120 sessions
Total classes: 120
Special guest classes: 6
Skill projects: 3
Including book publish
Skills Acquired
Critical and creative thinking
Reading and Writing Comprehension
You child will be able to analyse stories, debate and perform in front of an audience effortlessly.
Demo Class costs ₹99 which is
adjusted against final price

Why is the demo class paid?

The demo class is designed to you give you an authentic peek into how Freadom One works. It is a specially designed class to give you a real learning outcome and a real assessment. It's not just a trial class, it the start of a journey.

Prefer group class?

While Freadom One classes are individual 1:1 classes, we also offer group 1:7 class. We call it Freadom Live.

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